ALLIANCE Church of Hollidaysburg

Welcome to the hill.,             Welcome Home.

  Sunday School   9:30

                           Morning Worship Service    10:30       

                                                                                               Wednesday Night Prayer 6:30


From the Pastor's Desk   

   When your too busy, think how busy our God is! Just a thought; He is eternally active. We on the other hand have a few years on earth without a second chance to relive the past. God can go into the past as well as far into the future. He will raise the dead from generations past we do know, evil people as well as righteous souls to give account of ones life. So live it like today could be your last with value & don't take it lightly. Keep your eyes fixed on HIM & let the world take care of itself. HE has it all under control. Trust in God!                                                                            Rejoice in Jesus always!

                                                                                                                                                       Pastor David & Joy



It's almost time!

It's the Thankful month for giving of thanks. So many don't have the motivation to give thanks for anything. King David said; " our King is a warrior for us". He is coming to fight against the evil across the earth. Sure He loves the world but He does not affirm the wicked actions of evil people for evil intent. HE also does not approve of the materialistic personalities that so many desire to imitate just to be famous. Stop & think; who is the most famous person of all time? Jesus Himself. Oh my friend if we all could be loving & kind like Him. Do you know Jesus personally?  Call out to Him & He will answer, He is standing at the door of your heart knocking. Just let Him in & sit with Him a while. He is closer than a brother. He is waiting.....

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