ALLIANCE Church of Hollidaysburg

Welcome to the hill.,             Welcome Home.

  Sunday School   9:30

                           Morning Worship Service    10:30       

                                                                                               Wednesday Night Prayer 6:30


From the Pastor's Desk   

   When your too busy, think how busy our God is! Just a thought; He is eternally active. We on the other hand have a few years on earth without a second chance to relive the past. God can go into the past as well as far into the future. He will raise the dead from generations past we do know, evil people as well as righteous souls to give account of ones life. So live it like today could be your last with value & don't take it lightly. Keep your eyes fixed on HIM & let the world take care of itself. HE has it all under control. Trust in God!                                                                            Rejoice in Jesus always!

                                                                                                                                                       Pastor David & Joy



Our first Indoor Yard Sale was a success and everyone worked hard to make it happen. The J-Walkers sold hotdogs, the Great Commission women sold pies, and we had a variety of "interesting" items that were donated for sale. Many people were able to clean out their basements or garages early and those who shopped had something different to do this winter day. The main room was transformed with many tables and then quickly put back together after the sale with a lot of help working together. Praise the Lord for a Body working as one!

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